Electrical Engineering

The Electrical Engineering division at FRÖTEK covers a wide range of highly specialized processes, including water jet cutting, grinding, CNC bending, laser cutting, CNC milling, optical measurements, epoxy powder coating, high-voltage testing, galvanic protection, laser marking, resistance welding and press-fit machines. These processes enable the precise manufacture of electrical components and assemblies, with a focus on the highest quality standards and efficient production techniques.

Scope of our services

  • Flexible and rigid connectors
  • Copper and aluminum
  • Welding
  • Insulation according to customer specification
  • Powder coating
  • Cable extrusion
  • Round rope and flat strand
  • Tin and nickel coating
  • Welding fixtures
  • Tools for injection molding
  • Gauges for dimensional control
  • Tools for parts inspection
  • 2D and 3D design
  • International engineering team
  • Production monitoring enables traceability of parts
  • Partner for customer requirements
  • Feedback from production on feasibility
  • Laboratory test and report
  • Insulation of various shapes with powder coating
  • Tension test according to ISO 6469-3:2018
  • Cable extrusion
  • Plastic caps
  • Electroplating with tin or nickel
  • X-ray measurement of galvanic thickness
  • Prototypes and series plastic parts
  • 25t – 200t injection molding machines
  • Design of molds
  • Laboratory validation of products
  • Assembly of busbars, pressure pieces, screws and plastic caps
  • Devices for the final shape check of complex parts

Our processes at a glance

Water jet cutting

Precise cutting of materials using a water jet under high pressure.


Processing surfaces by removing material for precise shaping.

CNC bending

Precise bending of materials using a CNC-controlled bending machine.

Laser cutting

Material processing using a precise laser beam for clean cuts and complex shapes.

CNC milling

Precise material removal with a CNC-controlled milling machine for complex 3D shapes.

Optical measurement

Precise measurements and inspections of components using optical technologies.

Epoxy powder coating

Protective coating by applying epoxy powder and subsequent curing.

High voltage test

Testing electrical insulation and stability at high voltages.

Galvanic protection

Protection against corrosion by applying a metallic coating.

Laser marking

Marking of materials by precise laser marking.

Resistance welding

Joining materials by generating heat using electrical resistance.

Press-fit machine

Mechanischer Prozess zum sicheren Einpressen von Bauteilen in Materialien für präzise Montage.